The Law Office of
Jacob T. Arthur
Welcome to the Estate Planning Center at The Law Office of Jacob T. Arthur.  Just the thought of "Estate Planning" can seem intimidating and overwhelming.  Out Estate Planning Center is here to make this important process less complicated than you may have imagined in your own mind.

Though our  Estate Planning Center we can offer you estate planning documents and legal advice for your unique situation to properly secure your estate for your loved ones.  Simply follow this link to access our large catalog of estate planning documents.  You will provide answers to automated document questionnaires and we will review your documents and provide advice.  Once we have completed a review of your documents we will return them to your account in our secure client portal for your use.

Our estate planning documents and legal advice are all available for a fixed fee.  You know your costs up front.

Our two best value options for estate planning are:

Basic Estate Plan for Married Couple(NC)

Basic Estate Plan for an Unmarried Person(NC)

The Estate Planning Center also has Wills and Will Packages, Powers of Attorney, and many free documents related to estate planning and administration.

If you are interested in Living Trusts, just follow the link.  There are individual documents and best value packages available as well.

Perhaps you simply need estate planning advice.  We offer three options at a flat fee: Advice by phone ; Advice by Email ; or face-to-face Advice via Webcam
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