The Law Office of
Jacob T. Arthur

We are a law firm dedicated to providing you with excellent legal service for all of your small business and estate planning legal needs.

Whether you need full service representation, contract legal services, or wish to purchase legal documents with attorney review for your own preparation through our "unbundled" services, we are here to serve you 24/7.

Our services include:

Full Service Representation:
Just because our office is based online, it does not mean we cannot offer you a traditional attorney-client relationship if that is what your situation calls for. We provide a representation services in litigation and non-litigation legal matters.

We are available to assist small business owners and individuals in all debt collection matters.  We will work quickly and efficiently to protect your rights as a creditor and assist you in the legal process of recovering the money you're owed.

Legal Advice by Phone or Email:
This is a convenient service for clients who have relatively specific legal questions and are looking for a quick answer. For most clients this service is offered at a fixed rate per incident with no time limit per session and no hourly billing.

Read more about phone or email legal advice.

Small Claims Court:
Maybe you have a issue that is best taken care of in Small Claims Court.  We provide you with full service representation to help you get justice, or you may choose our legal and court coaching option from our online services if you'd like to know how to handle it yourself.  We'll help walk you through the process.

Contract Legal Services:
For existing law firms and corporate in-house counsel, we are available for all of your out-sourcing legal needs.  We can provide legal research and writing, court appearances, deposition appearances, etc.  This is a great way to decrease your individual workload while providing excellent service to your client in a cost effective manner.

Web-Enabled Document Automation:
In our secure Client Portal, clients can provide data through our online questionnaires. This technology is used for client intake forms allowing you to provide data directly into an online interview form. This will greatly reduce the time we spend on the interview process. We also use this technology to allow the client to input specific information into questionnaires which generate instantaneous drafts of our available legal documents for a lawyer's more detailed review.

Read more about online services.


Please browse the online services and look at our options.  You can try it all for free and there are a number of documents that are free.  You may not see, or know, what you are looking for or need.  If that's the case, simply contact us to discuss your specific needs.  Call Jacob directly at 919-395-4925 or fill out information on our Contact Page.

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