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I'm so glad you've taken time to stop by my office.  That's right, this website is my office! It's called a virtual law practice and we opened to serve North Carolina in 2013.  

 I always hoped to hang out my own shingle after graduating in the Charter Class from the Elon University School of Law.  While both wanting follow our career goals, we also wanted to be able to have a parent in the home as we began to have children .  Inspired by an article on Virtual Law Practices, and with Lisa's support, I launched my virtual law practice from my home office.

This form of law practice allows me to serve my clients faster, meet their needs on their schedule, and maximize our commitment to our growing family.


What is a VLP (Virtual Law Practice)?

Simply stated, a virtual law practice is one which a lawyer does not operate from a standard brick and mortar office.  Typically, the practice is based solely online, through a secure website. The platform allows clients and their attorney to communicate securely, allows clients to access their documents, and complete collaboration on legal matters anywhere there is internet access.  This means our office is literally open to our business law and estate law clients 24/7!


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